madison olling

i’m maddie—
and i’m here, trying to do things a bit differently.

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alright then, you wanna know?

i am most inspired by editorial photography from the mid-20th century, and the fashion movements it captured. things like yves saint laurents’ 1968 campaign in marrakech’s souk. or anything from vogue in the 70’s. i find it so capturing, and so timeless. find more of my current favorite inspo

i’ve got an obsessive personality. i find something i love and can’t let it go until i’m a master—staying up all night, seeking every opportunity kind of thing. probably my greatest strength and greatest weakness in one. but it’s how i got here.

i’m a 6w5 on the ennagram, and i can probably tell you what you are too. i know, i know—personality tests are hooha. but i think they are the most helpful for understanding people in their own world, especially mine!

like most photographers, i hate having my picture taken. i have a hard time with vulnerability, which makes looking down the barrel of a lens pretty overwhelming. but that’s why i love what i do, because i know how hard it can be to look that camera in the eye.

my favorite thing in the world is to make others feel secure. i’m not talking feeling good in your own skin, and while i love that, i mean something deeper. i like to make people feel safe, and i see it as my mission in life.